Covid19 cases are increasing daily due to a lack of precautions. So, after all, reviewing the live increasing condition of positive cases of Corona, UAE Malls are closed for two weeks. On Sunday, the peoples are getting gathered in the mall such that, the UAE government had taken a big decision about it.

mall of the emirates

On social media posts, the fake news spreading around the UAE country. The peoples are getting surprized after hearing this fake or rubbished news. Actually, the main fact is that the news spread by the National Emergency, Disaster Management Authority, and also Crisis.

list of malls in sharjah

The below fake news has spread by all above-mentioned departments on Twitter:

Some peoples are disturbing the daily lives of UAE citizens due to these types of wrong or fake types of news. Such that, the social media must have attention about these types of fake or untrusted news that are tweeted by fake accounts as well.

Daily Corona or Covid19 Update:

If we talk about the daily live increasing cases of Corona or Covid19 especially in UAE then it’s regularly enhancing. We have measured out overall cases of Corona in UAE till now is about 51,540.

UAE Corona Update

The overall deaths of people in the UAE country due to Corona is approximately 323 peoples. On the other hand, the number of popples who recovered from it is 40,297 peoples. So, this one is really very good for all citizens of UAE countries.

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