The very interesting news comes out from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA News). This news report very helps full to all the peoples who lost their job and also especially for outsiders as well.

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All expats are not required to pay any extra fee if they have to spend higher money that their monthly or yearly wages. Actually, happening with the outsider is that they regularly need to buy their needed products or material. Because of that reason, they have pay higher money which is directly noticed by the bank owners.

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The normal fact of outsiders or expat, they can’t restrict their family requirements. Thus, they are paying much more money which directly effects the financial condition of those peoples. Due to this, the transactions are rapidly enhancing as compared to their monthly based salary as well.

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 On social media, the news is regularly sharing or spreading the expats are investing large amounts of money as compared to their monthly salary. The peoples are also demanding on social media is that immediately take action. But, the Freezing or locking down their bank account permanently is not permitted by the SAMA.

sama news

So, SAMA News report has solved out this problem, and give an answer to all rumours on their statement. Most of the peoples are of Saudi especially outsider are spending money large than their profession. This news is a surprise to all the outsider who is living in the Saudi Arabia region.

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