Recently in Saudi Arabia, the effects of the Corona have increased rapidly around the whole area of the country. So, several peoples who are living around the places of Saudi Arabia get much effected due to its effect.

abdullah of saudi arabia

After reviewing all these pandemic situations around the country of Saudi Arabia, the peoples have lost their job and can’t earn anything a day. Such that, King of Saudi Arabia Salaman has taken a decision about them and try to give out the best decision for them.

mohammad bin salman

Basically, the decision especially for the Outsider Expats who really like to move around the whole city or required job requirements places. There are certain decision has taken for the local peoples who really wants or needs a job and they will improve their living hood.

salman of saudi arabia

We have mentioned below all the decisions taken by King of Saudi Arabia Salman are:

  1. All final expiry dates of via and passports of outside peoples have enhanced that is really big helps for them. 
  2. Without charging any money from the peoples which have already exceed the 3 months validity.
  3. Also, exceed the validity of the peoples who ready wants to stay in the country of Saudi Arabia without charging any fee from them. 

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