Several flights from UAE has been canceled due to Covid19 reasons. But, right now awesome news comes out from the airport of UAE. Flydubai Latest News has released recently for all passengers which they have must require to know about it.

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All the flights of Flydubai Airline will resume shortly for all the passengers who really wants to move from the country of UAE. So, this is very helpful to all outsiders who have been waiting for the last couple of months. The conditions of Covid19 are now improving but the passengers must have to follow all the guidelines which have been by airlines.

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All the flights from Dubai are now started to fly in the sky from today. Not only this but also, all the passengers can book their flights. Previously, the limitations have included by the Airline as per government guidelines.

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Also, the great thing for the passengers is the book or travel up to the destinations of up to 66 countries. On the other hand, the restricted areas are allowed by the UAE government.  All the flight booking facilities are available on the internet.

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Important List of Destinations:

The passengers should require to know about, the list of destinations where the Flydubai flight can able to travel. The countries which are basically for Africa are Addis Ababa, Juba, and Khartoum. If we talk about the destinations of Central Asia then permitted areas are Almaty, Kabul, and also Nur-Sultan as well.

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